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IHB Technology is a modern catalytic enhancement that is sold to global producers of Bioenergy Solid Fuels. The acronym IHB relates to ‘Infused High BTU’.
IHB is a formulated blend of high energy base materials that are proven with common physics and densification science to create a permeable moisture resistance throughout the fibrous mass of a solid biofuel shape. The multipart IHB formula is processed into encapsulated granules the size of a typical kernel of wheat.
The IHB innovation is Patent protected. The adjustable formula provides an unmatched ability to increase incineration performance and generate an incremental high value increase in BTU energy output with every wt-% applied. 

Our vision is to improve all aspects of the world environment by putting into action through problem solving a focus on industry stewardship, activities that benefit Bioenergy, and the commitment to enhance the value of solid biomass.


IHB Technologies, Inc. is a market-focused organization that manufacturers high tech solutions to the worldwide producers and consumers of Solid Bioenergy Fuels. 


The business originated as an energy consulting organization in 2010 and incorporated in 2017.


The company is focused in 2021 and beyond on the sale and implementation of the patented IHB Biowaste Enhancement Technique. IHB granule is delivered by bulk distribution to select American and International Solid Bioenergy Producers.