Large scale Pelletizers that utilize IHB can now produce and distribute advanced solid biofuels that are highly efficient and market affordable. Enhanced IHB solid biofuel with a 3.05.0 or as high as 15.0 wt-% addition are sold exclusively in bulk to Private Companies, Process Manufacturers and Agricultural Producers who seek high efficiency for their Production and Facility Heating.


Heat Generating Organizations that commit to lowering CO₂ emissions are actively upgrading to solid Bioenergy as a primary source for BTU efficiency. All grades of IHB enhanced pellets provide an incremental higher value by wt-% applied and meet the PFI and ENplus requirement for safe emission.

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IHB Advanced Solid Biofuels

Provide a year long resistance to outside moisture when kept covered

Prevent biodegradation and the development of toxic gas

Destroy adhered deposits of trace metals during the longer rate of combustion

Provide a much longer rate of incineration that powerfully destroys inhalable particles

Lower the development of densified dust and fines by 50%

Provide a complete molecular incineration that efficiently lowers ash content 

Provide a 700 BTU/lb increase in energy output @ 3.0 wt-%

Meet the PFI and ENplus-A2 requirement for safe emission