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 "Infused High BTU" Technology

Innovations from breakthrough companies make our region in America a rich market for great ideas. Our team are noted inventors with an extensive experience in particle science.
IHB Technologies produces and trades IHB catalytic agents to advance the densification of energy qualified biowaste worldwide. Research has advanced the IHB® formula into a functional microsphere that is easily transferred and mixed at specific amounts with loose biofiber prior to densification.


IHB Solid Fuel Enhancement
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The high temperature and high compression forces during densification liquifies each IHB microsphere, infusing the energy formula through the total fiber of biowaste, creating an unequaled solid biofuel that is profitable for worldwide producers and a safe source of intense heat for mindful consumers.

INL mill.png

After a rapid cooling step, the resulting high value IHB solid biofuel extends the rate of incineration and delivers a pervasive level of moisture resistance. IHB biofuels provide a safe emission that is triggered by high ignition temperatures and a powerful destruction of toxic gases.

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The IHB method offers an elite opportunity to intensify energy-qualified biowaste such as perennial wood, refuse derived material like almond wood (shown above), municipal solid waste and more recently, covid medical waste and plastic deposits grabbed from the ocean.

IHB Technologies has initiated a Three Stage Investment plan to Remote Manufacture IHB catalytic agents at carefully selected factory locations worldwide.


Revenue is generated via toll production. Warehousing will include just-in-time distribution to nearby private producers of solid bioenergy fuels. 

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