IHB "Infused High BTU" Technology

Minnesota has become the land of 100,000 patents. Innovations from breakthrough companies make our region a rich market for great ideas. Our members are noted inventors that have applied extensive research experience and product solving knowledge to discover a modern particle enhancement for solid bioenergy fuels.

The IHB is produced and  distributed as a dry granule and later blended with measured amounts of preprocessed biowaste. Inside the hot temperature and high compression zone of densification milling the unique IHB infusion permeates and binds the biowaste fiber in milli-seconds. The full saturation radically advances energy output and upgrades the functional performance of solid bioenergy fuels. 


IHB Technologies is ready to meet the increasing global demand for advanced solid biofuels. 

IHB Solid Fuel Enhancement
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  • Generates a significant all-inclusive increase in moisture resistance

  • Eliminates biodegradation and the development of toxic gas

  • Provides a dramatic increase in the core strength of a solid fuel

  • Provides a substantial surge in Densification Equipment efficiency

  • Eliminates extreme internal surface friction within a Compression Ring-die

  • Provides a longer rate of incineration that powerfully reduces ash content

  • Provides a significant increase in energy output with each wt-% applied

  • Tested within the PFI and ENPlus Emission Standard

  • Prevents the dangerous build-up of static electricity

  • Eliminates the risk of auto-ignition from dust and fines