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Application, Marketing and Production

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Biosolid producers in Agriculture and Timber management accurately blend wt-% amounts of IHB with exact amounts of processed biofiber. IHB is continuously applied utilizing pneumatic and gravimetric conveying to accurately control the introduction of IHB granule during the blending process.

Cross blended biofiber with IHB is then fed at a continuous rate into the internal high temperature and high compaction chamber of densification.

After high pressure infusion and rapid cooling, the solidified biofuel multiplies in value as IHB advanced solid pellets, cubes or briquettes. 

Market Opportunities

The dominant perennial wood fiber market and other energy certified Biofibers are preferred for advanced densification with IHB. Including: Palm biowaste, processed High Density Fiber wood waste, Municipal solid biofiber, and multiple types of Agrobusiness biowaste feedstocks certified for sustainable solid bioenergy.

Current applications of the IHB method in demand:

  • IHB solid biofuel to produce Steel, Cement, Ceramic and Silica base raw materials.

  • IHB solid biofuel to generate high pressure steam and produce electricity.

  • IHB solid biofuel to generate intense hot process water for Textile Industries.

  • IHB solid biofuel to generate intense hot water for farm heating and rural properties.

  • IHB solid biofuel to generate radiant heating for Mountain Resort Properties.

  • IHB solid biofuel for conditioned cooling at Properties across the Middle East.

  • IHB solid biofuel to generate facility heating at GOV Properties worldwide.

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