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Application, Marketing and Production

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Biofuel producers in Agriculture accurately blend wt-% amounts of IHB with exact amounts of processed field biowaste. IHB is continuously applied utilizing pneumatic conveying to accurately control the gravimetric introduction during the blending process.


The cross blended biowaste with IHB is then fed at a continuous rate into the internal high temperature and high compaction chamber of densification.


After high pressure infusion and a rapid cooling step, the solidified biofuel multiplies in value as IHB solid pellets, cubes or briquettes. 

Market Opportunities

Qualified Rice Husk Biowaste for IHB Solid Bioenergy

(RDM) Refuse Derived Materials - IHB Solid Biofuels created from Almond Wood Biowaste

 (RDM) IHB Solid Biofuels created from Landscape Waste and Palm Waste 

(MSW) Municipal Solid Waste densified into IHB Solid Biofuel

IHB Solid Biofuels generated for US Electric / Co-fire incineration with Coal

Advanced densification of BioChar waste using IHB to create solid biofuel

IHB Solid Biofuel Production in New Zealand 

Industrial IHB Solid Biofuel production across Europe 

IHB Solid Biofuel for Industrial Heat generation - worldwide 

IHB Solid Biofuels for GSA distribution

Export of IHB Solid Biofuels for Industry and Electricity in SE Asia

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